I designed this website in hopes that you will find encouragement; information on the blog; an opportunity to tell your own stories; or just ask questions through my email. Parents and children are welcome to participate.

Like many of you who have found yourself looking for information on my website, I have struggled through the coming-out of my child. Since learning my daughter was a lesbian, I have written a book based on my journal of the process: My Name is Kathie and My Daughter is a Lesbian: From Bible Verses to Rainbow Stickers. As a Christian mother, I found myself going through faith-based trials as well as other emotions and experiences many people who are not Christian might experience as well. For this reason, I hope to reach out to all struggling parents – The process, emotions and trials are all the same – faith based or not!

This is an open site for all who wish to participate and share their feelings, their own personal journey, or simply read what others are saying. My goal is to bring a level of understanding to both parents and children. Knowing how our children feel will help us understand all the things they are going through. Our children knowing how their parents feel will bring understanding to them as well.

So I welcome you to this website, with an open heart and open arms. I hope that you can find answers to your questions here or at least a community that understands the struggles you are facing.

  • About Kathie

    Kathie Hynes is a Christian wife and mother of three daughters and busy grandmother to five grandchildren. She attends weekly Bible Study for personal growth, loves reading and enjoys a food and wine-pairing cooking group that meets quarterly.

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